The ‘Slutty Pumpkins’ of Halloween

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When you were a little kid getting ready for Halloween and your parent asked you what you wanted your costume to be, what would you tell them? For me, that one night a year meant that I could be a beautiful princess without anyone telling me otherwise. It was a magical evening of getting candy for free while dressed as whoever we wished to be that year. Cowboys, Princesses, and adorable animals ran from house to house in the hope of filling their candy bags until their little hands couldn’t carry it anymore.

Now, what many young adults want to be for Halloween completely clashes with the innocent ideologies we used to have as children. Instead of being an adorable princess with a long dress and a tiara, the options are a bit more… well, slutty. Both men and women are given more and more options to dress very provocatively on Halloween, with such costumes as Harbor Hottie, Bo Peep, or one of the thousand other scandalous costumes manufacturers produce. These costumes are used as tools for those looking to ‘express themselves’ in a manner only suitable for a typical slutty Halloween party. If a person dressed like that on a normal day, it would be viewed as both vulgar and scandalous. Not everyone has to dress this way, yet in today’s society it is much more available in Costume stores than the more ‘innocent’ looking costumes are. You are more than able to be a non-slutty costume, but do not think less of those that dress ‘slutty.’ It is their decision to dress up in whatever costume they choose and it is not our job to ‘hate on them’ just because they aren’t wearing clothing that cover their bodies the way you have. Everyone is trying to have fun on Halloween, so just enjoy the holiday and let everyone eat candy, watch scary movies, and dress however they want to!

additional questions to consider –

Why do people condemn others based upon what they wear for Halloween?

Is it a problem with ‘sluts’ or society?




Who is the ‘slutty pumpkin’?

The Slutty Pumpkin was a mysterious dream girl that Ted Mosby waited around for in Season 1, Episode 6 of How I Met Your Mother. She was dressed in a pumpkin costume that had holes cut in it so you could see her lingerie through them. She is a symbol for all slutty costumes out there, proving that you can take an innocent costume idea and make it sexy and scandalous.




  1. nstocco

    I think people condemn and judge others based upon their halloween costumes because the costumes represent an alter-ego or a new personality to escape to for one day (or weekend) a year. Halloween throws out the social norms and allows us to create new ones for a short period of time. Costumes represent a personality we wish to escape to temporarily because embracing this personality any other day of the year would go against social norms, but for one day if everyone were to “let loose” it makes it okay.

    Going back to adolescence, costumes represented what we wanted to be; a fireman, a superhero, a princess or athlete. Today we are faced with the same choices, but we are now grown up and have the ability to make smarter choices. If females are choosing this day to escape reality for a day and get dressed up as something that would normally be frowned upon, dressing “slutty” says that deep down, a girl wants to be that but would be judged or condemned. If you had one day to dress anyway you wanted, and use a holiday as an excuse, choosing to lose the clothes and “slut it up” shows that part of you wants to be able to embrace that without having to experience it in real life.

  2. efhodg

    I feel that Halloween is a chance for women to express themselves. in American society, women can gain power through sexualizing themselves. From music videos to TV, women are sent the message that they must be attractive to matter. On Halloween, women can embrace this more fully by dressing in a “slutty” fashion. In everyday life, it is frowned upon for women to dress this way even though women are still seen as sexual objects in many cases. Halloween allows women to embrace their sexuality and break free of a hypocritical society; they can be the women the media portrays them as.

  3. One of the aspects of Halloween is the adrenaline rush one gets from being scared. Look at some of the ways we celebrate the holiday: We watch horror movies, we pay to walk through houses or mazes and have people jump out at us, and we tell children scary stories. When walking through that haunted house people still scream, but they are in no immediate danger and they know it. The Halloween fashion can also be included into the scares category. You can dress up as that slutty pumpkin because you are in an atmosphere where it isn’t actually looked down upon. You are able to face any fears of dressing in a way that emphasizes sexuality because you feel less of a danger in doing so.

  4. priyanka1293

    Halloween is a holiday in which people of all ages escape reality to live vicariously through a costume. For children, it is a day to dress up as something they wish to emulate, such as superheroes or princesses. This innocence is preserved until the children grow up and lose their innocence as they enter the real world. As adults, Halloween is the one day or weekend for them to be absolutely absurd. For men, it is normally something funny or out of the ordinary; for women, this holiday is the time of the year they can be slutty and exposed and it is socially acceptable. Women use the slutty images portrayed through the media as inspiration; this is even mentioned in the hit film, Mean Girls. Because in day-to-day society women are judged for dressing more provocatively, they take advantage of this holiday where it is socially okay to be more exposed and live vicariously through a slutty alter-ego.

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