A fan till the end

Consumerism and fanaticism seem to go hand in hand; or do they? One such fanatic culture is that of the highly revered Apple Inc. The central figure in question is the “Apply fanboy.” Apple fanboys stand by their devices, be it the iPod, iPhone, or MacBook pro with unduly dedication and reverence. To the Apple fanboy, all competitor products are almost automatically deduced to be inferior and unworthy of purchase.

In this case study, I wish to look into just exactly who is this “Apple Fanboy” and what drives this religious fervor to defending a material, technological object.

The way in which Apple markets their products, in design and in commercial representation is one tool that Apple has used to gain their zealous devotees. ore, a discussion on the antithesis of the Apple fanboy, the Anti-Apple fanboy can be evaluated to garner a greater understanding of the fanboy culture and identity.

If a piece of technology is something that can be observed for its traits in a scientific exactness, how is it that people are able to disregard other possible superior technology for the sake of brand devotion?

There are countless blogs that promote pro Apple sentiments as well as anti-apple dialogues; some tasteful, and others not so much.

Some questions:

  1. How is that a computer/phone user can fall into a mentality of exclusivity to that brand or company?
  2. Does apple have a certain audience or archetype that they market to?
  3.  How have apple products influenced your life?

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