The branding of generics and the value of marketing

For my case study, I will be analyzing how simulacra (particularly generic brands) benefit from market-leading products. For example, do generic bottled water companies benefit from Poland Springs’ advertising? Can they appeal to the same consumer who sees the ads and ride the larger companies coattails to profits; essentially getting free marketing? If that is so, is there a reason why these bigger companies spend millions of dollars in advertising? Having established their brand in the market, why do they still advertise when their competitors do not? Furthermore, is generic water bottles different than other generic products because they all have the same ingredient or can we include most (if not all) generic brands? The essence of this case study is: Why do we consume brands? Is our brand loyalty blind consumerism or is there any other factors besides being duped into purchasing something we saw on tv?If we consume a generic product after seeing a brand’s advertising, what have we consumed? What would Baudrillard consider us as consumers if we purchase generic brands?



Questions to explore:

Are generic products considered a brand themselves?

How would Baudrillard consider the generic market?

Assuming quality was similar, why would anyone purchase a name brand water bottle? Do we have brand loyalty to specific brands even when the market is all the same


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  1. mpizzimenti1

    This presentation I found very interesting. Generic products are used in our society and purchased by consumers’ everyday. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word generic, is medication. Many doctors and patients use the generic form of a medication to save money that could be wasted on a brand name product. Advil and many other products that are labeled “generic” have found there way into consumers homes everyday. I think generic brands are beginning to become their own name. Many consumers rely on generic brands and do not turn to name brand products.

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