Media and politics

We live an an age where media dominates our society. Electronic devices offer an unparallelled access to anything on the internet. As a result the way media influences the way we perceive ourselves and each other greatly increases. Children seek to emulate what they see and much the same way adults have an image of themselves that they want to live up to.Women are taught  to play the passive roles and to wait for a man to rescue them while men are cast the roles that tend to be tougher.

My initial interest in this topic came from the documentary Miss Representation. This documentary seeks to find and answer why there is a lack of women in elected positions, more specially congress.

Women in political offices face the same kind of pressure from some of the highest rated media outlets in the US. They are routinely judged on their appearance rather than what they accomplish. The problem is that the media industry is a overwhelmingly male dominated industry. As a result of that women with the same body type, and in submissive roles looking for a man to sweep them off their feet and live happily ever after.

Do we control the media or does the media control us?

If we had a female president do you think that it would change the way young women see themselves?


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