Green Consumerism

What drives consumers to buy these products?

Chipotle and The North Face are both companies that are thriving off of a marketing campaign to promote their organic and naturalistic side to promote a healthy lifestyle through consumption of their products. Though targeting the same audience, both products use different approaches to reach their customers.

Chipotle’s pitch has been “Food With Integrity” and they proudly display what percentage of their chicken, beef and pork comes from free range farms and are hormone free, while also stating that part of their product comes from local farmers.

The North Face’s ad campaign pitch has been to “Never Stop Exploring.” The product is designed, and marketed for those who hike, adventure or partake in another active outdoor activity.

What makes these companies so successful as compared to other fast food restaurants or clothing companies. Surly we are not all health freaks, advocates for the fair treatment of animals or out to save the world one tree at a time. Nor do we plan to hike the Appalachian trail or frequently go white water rafting. Instead when we step outside into the harsh wilderness of New Brunswick, we are consumers looking for the best price on the best product.

These two companies have a significantly higher price tag than their competitors, so what makes them so successful and what attracts us to them.

What is the attraction to these, and other “outdoorsey” products?

To what extent does our consumption of these products reflect a sense of “urban escape”?

What is the functionality of these products and are they worth the cost?


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