Image branding on Facebook

Facebook, which was launched in 2004, has become the world’s most popular social networking site with over one billion active users. That’s over one seventh of the entire world population. My case study is going to be focused on the ways people create their own images from the information they upload onto facebook. I’ll be analyzing how image branding reflects what is valued by students and how these values are represented through social media. Some of the research I have done has got me interested in the different kinds of identities people adopt when communicating through their online profiles rather than in person.


What value, if any, do status updates have?

Do students provide enough information on facebook to create an image of them in the minds of their “friends?”

How much attention do people give to status updates, uploaded pictures, and comments?

What role does the “like” feature have on a person’s image?


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  1. mpizzimenti1

    Before listening to your presentation, I found Facebook and the concept of “liking” different things very silly. Facebook has begun to take over our lives, how we communicate and how much information we share with the general public. ( Facebook has become so popular, the computer recognizes it has a word) The concept of “liking” I believe is taking over a person and their true image. Many people become a different person, hidden behind a computer screen. People rely on Facebook to gain friends and become popular through their Facebook statues. People have become addicted to a website, where they can create their own identity to their friends and family. The information that is being exposed through Facebook is excessive. ( Facebook has consumed the lives of the consumer so much, the computer even capitalizes Facebook through auto-correct)

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