“The best thing to happen to iPhone, since the iPhone”


What is it about the iPhone that makes it such an alluring piece of cellular technology? Do people look at it and think to themselves, “This is the greatest, fastest, most reliable phone for me?” or is it something else? The whole apple vs. every other manufacturer of cell phones battle is clearly shown throughout America today. Commercials show fights against other phones, they show how one is better than the other, and they also try to show what the most fabulous part about their own phone is. Most recently, the hype over the iPhone 5 has sparked my interest in why consumers feel the need to wait in lines for hours upon hours for a phone that is only slightly different from its older brother.

1. What do reviews say about the iPhone 5? Do they promote or go against all of the hype?

2. Are the apps (and app wars between other phones ex. android) making a difference in which phone people want to purchase?

3. Why is everyone “doing it”? – What’s the big deal over the iPhone over any other comparable phone?


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  1. mpizzimenti1

    I am an apple consumer and have been for only a couple of years now. I have found that the product that apple is creating has been very reliable and do meet to the standards of an apple product. Apple products have now become the trend of the generation, everyone owns an iPhone. Since apple has released their product to different cell phone companies, this has allowed many consumers to purchase the apple product at their convenience. Before the release of the iPhone to many main companies, like Verizon, iPhones and other apple products were not being chosen over the comparable phone. The comparable phone with the internet and other features was an acceptable tending choice to the consumer. I believe since the iPhone was released to bigger companies, like Verizon, the need, desire and trend of the iPhone product has expanded. The continuing hype about the iPhone 5, I believe, is finally not getting the attention from the consumer that it once was getting. Consumers have now realized the iPhone5, like the iPhone4s, is one in the same. Beside for its bigger screen and lighter weight, consumers can purchase the iPhone4s for the same reliable features. The trending need for the iPhone I believe is finally seeing its day. Like the Samsung commercial eludes, the iPhone5 is so cool, your parents have it.

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