Organic Food


What does it really mean to be organic? Does it mean natural? Does it mean healthy? Or is it just a trending lifestyle that many Americans are living by without the proper knowledge?

The question “what does organic mean” has probably crossed the minds of many different individuals while shopping in the grocery store or while reading a trending new article.  The truth is many of us do not know the real definition of organic. For a product to be organic, the product must be grown in an environment without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.  But for a product to be labeled “organic” compared to “100 percent organic” compared to “made with organic ingredients” is different.

For my case study, I will be looking at the true meaning of a product being labeled organic. How companies market to the consumer that they should buy organic foods due to the fact that they’re more “nutritious” and “healthier” for the consumer.  I will also be looking at the real impact it is making in our “eco-friendly” economy.

“Going green” and eating “organic” food has begun to appeal to many different Americans but mostly college students and mothers with children.

What makes the lifestyle of “going green” so appealing to the consumer without having the proper knowledge of what they’re really consuming?  Is it just a trend that has become the popular way of living?

Do consumers know the difference between an organic product and a natural product?

Do many of the consumers buy organic because of the trending lifestyle of “going green”?

Does the consumption of organic foods really change the health of a person?


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