Climate Change and the Consumer




Out of all the major factors and discussions in today’s society you hear many things being talked about (the 98%, or the 47% or Socialism vs. capitalism) but one thing you also hear a lot about is climate change. The concept we know today as Climate change is not unique to today’s time in fact Global Warming is not unique to today’s time also. The rising of the worlds temperatures mainly in Europe began in 900 AD and in 1350 would begin an event in history called the Little Ice Age. The little Ice Age would end in 1850 but not without creating incredibly harsh and cold winters from 1709 to 1850. Today many Scientists see it happening again which would be argued in Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth”, as well as by other scientists. Many scientists today have evidence supporting climate change for example in Europe they see disappearing glaciers, forest fires and fatal heat waves. Whatever the effects are it seems that most scientists are convinced without a doubt that global warming in current times is being done by humans. Over the past century, human activities have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. After October 28th with hurricane Sandy hitting the northeast coast of the United States including New York and New Jersey many other countries as well as United States have begun to gather for climate talks in Doha Qatar. Involving the consumer with the rise in climate change concerns new companies and products have risen and been created to deal with the crisis. These products include solar panels and electric cars, along with alternative energy companies like Solyndra.



1.         How have people profited from global warming in terms of the buying and creation of new products, for example companies like Toyota or Chevrolet?

2.         Can we automatically assume people who make those products are doing it because they care about environment or just out to make more money from hysteria?

3.         What does a company like Toyota or Chevrolet do to other companies like Ford or General Motors who do not currently have an electric car (think about the Toyota Prius or   the Chevrolet Volt)?


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