Climate Change – Politics, Government and Consumerism [A]

It’s one of humanities tragic flaws, that disasters such as super-storm Sandy or past environmental catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina are the only means of illuminating difficult truths facing our world. As the article published in Bloomberg demonstrates, climate change isn’t merely a liberal political talking point, or ammunition for the radical populism that is Tea-Party politics, but a scientific truth that is confronting our planet today. Although certain steps are being taken to address the issue of the infusion of human generated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the resulting consequences, such as the Obama’s administrations role in increasing fuel efficiency in the automobile industry, there is definitely a lack of seriousness in today’s political discourse. Much of this can be attributed to the general ignorance of the populous and a culture of refusal to acknowledge how consumer behaviors adversely affect the planet.

The Obama Administrations success in setting standards within an industry in order to ensure environmental well-being is not only a step in the right direction, but a model example of the role government and the political process should assume in order to combat climate change. It is not in the nature of corporate entities to reform themselves for the sake of the general good. The responsibility lies within the greater political and consumer population to use our political system to put into law standards that can reverse the trend of global warming and ensure the future health of the planet.

Questions :

Should the government have a proactive role in dictating policy or should the private sector be given liberties to meet consumer preferences?

How has climate change come to be so politically charged?

Do you feel the Obama Administration has taken appropriate steps regarding climate change?



  1. Our government is built on living in the moment instead up implementing preventative measures. We feel that the only way to implement change is from government since they have the power to set the standards for companies and business to protect our environment. The climate change conversation has become so politically charged because the Republican ideal of free markets goes against the Democratic regulations put in place to set market standards. Climate change legislation has the basic format for business regulation that Republicans and Democrats have been fighting about for years. Hopefully a far more devastating environmental event does not have to happen in order for bipartisan efforts to reduce climate change.
    Consumers out of power

  2. Day’s before the election Sandy hit, and Romney received a lot of backlash for his mockery of Obama’s Climate change campaign. It takes a disaster to make a difference in policy because people don’t realize the importance of putting money into infrastructure till they encounter the effects first hand. “In truth, what’s lacking in America’s Approach to climate change is not the resources to act but the political will to do so.”

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