BGH Monsanto

In 1994, a pharmaceutical company named Monsanto began the production and distribution of a bovine growth hormone (rBGH) named Posilac, which received FDA approval earlier that year. The use of this controversial hormone became a centerpiece of public debate as well as sparking the fury of many American dairy farmers. Studies related to the use of the hormone after its launch have shown that it does in fact increase the rate and amount of production in milk, but those are only the positive effects. Posilac is now known to cause Mastitis, which has the potential to contaminate milk supplies with bacteria related to the inflammations. Further studies have also showed harmful and cancerous effects to humans from not only the dairy products, but the meat as well. My focus is going to be a more specific and sociopolitical approach, encompassing all parties affected.

The major players in this game are Monsanto, the FDA, dairy farmers, and consumers. I am currently investigating the thoughts and concerns of each, as well as the reported back door business conducted between the FDA and Monsanto. The main source of controversy is that when Posilac was being tested for FDA approval, the Monsanto Corporation funded all the scientists involved in the testing. With these facts as a starting point, I plan to investigate the issue and give all perspectives to reach a general understanding of how Posilac affects the entire dairy industry from production to labeling and sales.

This being said I have a few feedback questions:

  1. Is there any specific area of this topic you feel I should focus on?
  2. Has anyone previously heard of this controversy?
  3. As consumers, are you conscious of the additives in your dairy products?

Tags: Monsanto, FDA, Mastitis, Posilac, rBGH

Categories: consumer society, American culture, consumer behavior



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