Humor in Advertising to Males


Advertising has changed over the past few generations, and in our lifetime it seems that most commercials attempt at being funny rather than informative. While there are many companies out there that touch upon humor in their ads, some companies build entire campaigns around this idea, making you immediately think about their commercials before you even consider what the product is. The Dos Equis ads featuring the Most Interesting man in the world is a cultural icon now because of his random sayings. And that brings this to another point, some of the ads aren’t the typical humor we are used to, they rely on being completely random to draw laughs. This is shown in the new Southern Comfort commercials just showing a rather large older gentleman walking down the beach in a speedo holding a glass of their drink, or the Gillette ads showing a fast talking man with a deep voice spewing random facts which is clearly just a rip off of the Old Spice campaign.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. Do you feel that humor in advertising is a better campaign to use over the use of informative ads? Will it make you more likely to purchase the item?

2. Most of the ads featuring comedy are marketed towards men, such as alcohol and other mens beauty products, do you know of any products marketed towards women
that use this type of humor?

3. Humor in advertising was considered a poor tactic in sales for most of the modern era of advertising, do you think that it is a passing fad or is it here to stay?


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  1. If the idea of an ad is to gdet you to remember the products name, then humor works.

  2. christinaroselane

    Perhaps the Consumer Society we live in no longer needs to have advertisements focused on the specifics of a product. Living in an era where information is so readily available to consumers, we don’t have to watch a commercial in order to learn about a product or good. People can use various methods to access this information, including the internet and other people. Since it is so convenient to simply “Google” something, more and more people know about various things, including information about consumer goods.
    Humor is a new way for advertisers to get their products noticed, instead of dragging on for thirty seconds about how many calories are in Southern Comfort. The men that advertisers are trying to reach out to are not concerned about the amount of calories or what color the bottle is of their liquor, they simply need to know what it is they’re drinking. Having too much information thrown into a commercial detracts from the message the commercial is trying to send: buy this product because it is worth your time/money/etc.

  3. Ads that are successful at getting me to laugh are the ones that I enjoy the most. The problem is that not many ads are actually funny enough to get me to laugh. The ones that you mention, like the old spice guy and the most interesting man in the world, are clever which is why they seem to have stuck with them. People enjoy them so it creates a positive in the eyes of consumers. I think that they particular type of product that is being marketed needs to be something that consumers can easily recognize and understand if humor is going to be used in a commercial. Without proper information about a product then people won’t be able to properly judge if they want to buy it. I have yet to see an informative and humorous commercial, but I think if someone was able to create a successful marketing campaign that was able to incorporate both of these tactics it could prove to be an effective form of advertising.

  4. Farida

    I feel like our society in this day and age has developed a very narrow attention span. With so much information constantly being thrown at us or available if something does not intrigue us within 2 seconds then we do not pay any attention to it. Therefore the advertising industry needs to come up with unique campaigns inorder to grasp their audiences’s attention. The random commercials and “funny” commercials are only the newest attempt, because they think that if we can not make them necessarily laugh, or tell them about our product then the best method is to make them stop in their tracks to pay attention to a commercial and try to understand it or figure out what its about. No longer does it matter how effective or the specs of a product, instead it is all about name or brand recognition. If someone wants to know the details its also very easy to look up online, yet most people are too lazy to do that.

  5. jiep90

    i feel advertising as a whole is taking a large hit because of internet and services like youtube and ads for games ect., but i think humor in a manner that can relate to a large range of ages are the most effective. it seems its tough to find the balance, so recently all sorts of humor tactics have been employed with varied degrees of success leaving ad designers with the challenge of finding the most productive form of humor to appeal to that large range of age groups. i feel that comedians and humorous celebrities always catch my attention the most. over all i am on board for humor in clever ways, if i get a laugh out of something, i definitely tend to remember the brand or company. also, not only do i remember, but in many cases i regurgitate the ads to friends which creates a secondary reach for the advertisement. I’m pretty excited to see what the future holds for advertising and marketing. As more and more time goes by and societies overall loosening of rigidity towards promiscuity in TV and advertising, the label continues to be pushed and i’m interested to see whens it going to be enough

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