While nearly all accredited scientists in the world agree that Global Warming is in fact a real happening, can every natural weather disaster be blamed on humankind’s use of fossil fuels? The burning of fossil fuels, the practice of deforestation, and the accumulation of greenhouse gases undoubtedly have great effects on global warming, but to place the blame of hurricane sandy on the backs of people driving Hummers and big corporations is just unrealistic. People need homes, so trees are cut down, people need to go to work, so oil is drilled to fill our cars, it is a natural part of our times that is supposedly killing this Earth. To say that global warming is making the Earth warmer over millions of years is one thing, but to claim that it was directly responsible for a storm killing dozens of people is not realistic.

This is not the storm from the film 2012 where the Earth splits in half and everyone is killed, this was not a small shower on a sunny day, Hurricane Sandy was a super storm, but not one that was so devastating, the likes of it have never been seen before. In 1893 New York City was hit with a massive hurricane that literally wiped Hog Island off the map, this was a long time before gas guzzlers were popular on the road. It was just an act of nature that ran its course and left a devastating trail behind it, and it was not the first hurricane either. The logic would be acceptable if major storms only started happening in our life time after all this burning of fuel started taking place, but in fact it is all natural.

I do not believe that large scale corporations are actively looking for ways to make the environment worse, nor do I think the people of the United States are purposely going out of their way to leave the world in worse shape then they found it in. Also I do not believe that consumer society shaped any of the effects of Sandy, but I believe Sandy may have influenced consumer society. With shows like Doomsday Preppers, I believe that people will be more prepared for major storms like this. Immediately after the hurricane, my mailbox was bombarded with advertisements for full home generators from local businesses, and on every channel there were commercials for MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat). So while the perfect storm may have brewed off of our shores, maybe one on steroids as the article claims, I do not believe that it has a direct correlation to whether or not I drive a Toyota Prius.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. While the effects of Global Warming are generally acknowledged, why does the media make it seem like every storm is now caused from Global Warming?

2. What ways did Hurricane Sandy
change your families spending habits, did you go a buy a generator, or stock up on food and supplies?

3. Do you personally feel responsible for the destruction and deaths caused by your carbon footprint and what global warming may have caused?



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